Nico Rivera's Analysis

Enviornment played a huge role in the reactions of the people who were accepting the money from us. Seeing as Bay Ridge is more of an upscale neighborhood, the store owners were most likely conditioned and used to larger bills and higher forms of currency. They would naturally see pennies as a low form of payment and thus form an opinion based on that. The first woman we gave pennies to was angry and annoyed at the gesture, fufilling exactly the reaction we expected him to. The last man was different however leading me to another conclusion. I analyzed that this man must either be in a tough spot money wise right now, or grew up in a tough economic household. This would allow him to sympathize and accept the pennies we gave him with absolutely no problem. This actually defies our hypothesis because this man was actually enjoying the pennies. He seemed to actually want them and had absolutely no problem with taking them. Besides having the enviornment greatly effect the outcome, it was also evident that the cashiers were conforming to their own social norm, because of the neighborhood, like i previously stated. This relates to the hypothesis, because most of the cashiers were pissed off by what we did.