Our Experiment

The social norm when you buy something is to pay with dollars, the penny is the least used coin in the entire monetary system in the United States but for our experiment we will be defying this social norm and using the penny to buy things at stores.

Hypothesis: If we buy things and pay with pennies instead of dollars then the cashier and other people will either be amused or pissed off

Control Group:  The Control Group is how normal people pay in everyday life

Variables: The variables in this experiment will be the different enviornments (shops) and different people

Expected Outcome: People will be either surprised, pissed off or amused

How we will evaluate the outcome: We will compare the reactions of normal unaffected people (control group) and the people who are affected

1) What was your reaction when you first saw my friend pay with pennies? Why do you think you reacted this way?
2) Did your reaction change after some time passed or was it the same the whole time? Why?

Joseph and Aarsh will each pay with pennies
Anders and Nico will both take turns taking down the answers to the questions and videotaping us